Protect your stone surfaces

Nanoworx Invisifilmâ„¢ offers unmatched protection against staining and etching on marble and other natural stones. Due to the risk of visible damage, industry professionals have long been reluctant to use marble on areas like kitchen tops, bars and around hotels. Until now. Invisifilm is the solution that designers, owners and architects have been waiting for.

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What Is Invisifilm?

Invisifilm is an ultra-thin polyurethane thermoplastic, engineered to protect marble and natural stone. Its high-tech construction combines layers of pressure-sensitive adhesives and durable top coats -- ensuring bulletproof, long-lasting protection. Created for the stone industry; Invisifilm is the first product of its kind -- warrantied against yellowing, cracking, bubbling and delamination... not to mention its self-healing capabilities!

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Marble Restoration

If your Marble tops are not quite shining like they once used to or have lost that even sheen across the surface, we offer a restoration service to bring your stone tops back to life. With the addition of Invisifilm applied to your Marble tops you will not have to worry about maintenance or restoration again.

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